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In Deepest Blue

“Joshua Hyslop’s new album is an unabashed folk record, but has gentle washes of other instrumentation that are like a soft mist coming over the mountain” – The Province

“In Deepest Blue is an album of well-crafted, feel-good songs with smooth, comforting melodies. Hyslop has a way of finding the silver lining and letting it shine through on each song—even when he isn’t singing at all.” – MXDWN
Where The Mountain Meets The Valley
‘Daily Discovery: Joshua Hyslop, “The Flood”’
“Leave it to a Canadian to come up with one of the year’s most impressive Americana debuts…a 15-track gem of an album that almost certainly will appeal to those who enjoy the music of Damien Rice, Sufjan Stevens and Iron & Wine…stellar tunes…highly recommend” Jeffrey Sisk, The Daily News (McKeesport, PA)
Joshua Hyslop has got to be one of the most genuine songwriters I’ve heard in a long while.
Shelley Gummeson, Earshot
Vancouver singer-songwriter Joshua Hyslop’s full-length debut resonates with the words of a man who has seen death’s door and come back to tell the tale. Francois Marchand,  Vancouver Sun
“Abbotsford’s own Joshua Hyslop is an instantly likable singer-songwriter with a gift for intimacy and almost ghostly mood-making.” – Ken Eisner,
Any fan of folk-pop is sure to be pleased with the elegantly crafted album offered by Joshua Hyslop. With a seemingly endless supply of inspiration at his fingertips, Hyslop has the tools he needs to take the music world by storm. Josh Fumo , EastScene
If I could only use one word to describe Joshua Hyslop’s music, the word would undoubtedly be “soothing.” Hyslop’s breathy vocals are unique and have the uncanny ability to make almost anything he sings sound really, really sad. Michael Thomas, Grayowl Point
“Where the Mountain Meets the Valley” is the first full length release from Joshua Hyslop. Right away it’s as though he carried the energy that ended off his first album and carried it through this one. YourMusicNews
Where the Mountain Meets the Valley is finally here and it does not disappoint. Hyslop’s deep, introspective lyrics accompanied by gently strummed acoustic guitar and banjo, play out over twelve gorgeous tracks of soul-searching, faith, and doubt. The past year has brought all kinds of new ups and downs, and this album is his attempt to make some sense out of it all. Nate Watts, Hollywood Jesus
Where The Mountain Meets The Valley and it is guaranteed to touch your soul. Earplugs Not Included